Non-adherent Wound Dressing Set

Non-adherent Wound Dressing Set

Non-adherent Wound Dressing Set is a combination of the middle absorbent pad and the tape, which solves the problem that the conventional tape is easy to fall off and cause wound inflammation.
Product description

product description

1. Soft, comfortable, convenient, practical, beautiful, big, small, moderate

2. Absorbent, non-adhesive wounds, promote wound healing.

3. Good air permeability, good viscosity and not easy to fall off

4. Absorption effect is good, reduce wound impregnation

5. The mesh structure of the non-woven fabric can make the skin naturally breathe, eliminate the water and sweat, and effectively reduce the occurrence of wound infection;

6. The medical pressure-sensitive adhesive adhered to the skin is not irritating to the wound, and the skin is not damaged when the dressing is removed;


Quick Details

  • Properties:Other, Sterile patches

  • Brand Name:ZS, ZS

  • Material:All natural ingredients

  • Size:can be customized/ordered

  • OEM service:Yes

  • Provide samples:Yes

  • Whether to provide OEM processing:Yes

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details

  • 60*70mm;70*90mm;90*100mm;90*150mm;100*150mm;100*100mm;100*300mm;120*250mm;230*80mm
    you can design the package your self,we can print your LOGO on the package,OEM&ODM are welcome, we are direct factory,so we can offer you the best price.

  • Delivery Time

  • 7-15 days

Product Description

Product nameSterile patches
Main structureSterile sticking by coated with medical pressure sensitive adhesive non-woven fabric, fluid absorption pad and isolation of paper.Pressure sensitive adhesive tape peel strength is not less than 1 n/cm, the viscosity is not greater than 2.5 mm, fluid absorption pad fluid uptake should not be less than 20 g / 100 cm, cytotoxicity is not more than 1 level, no delayed-type hypersensitivity.
Applicable scopeSterile patches for surgery, trauma, wounds or lien, intravenous catheter were applied;Can also be used for baby's umbilical cord wound protection.
Specifications60*70mm;70*90mm;90*100mm;90*150mm;100*150mm;100*100mm;100*300mm;120*250mm; 230*80mm        
  ( Can be customized according to customer demand .)       



1.Dysmenorrhea paste is applied to the acupuncture point . 

2.Fast and effective relief pain.

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