Sterile Surgical Non-woven Pain Relief Patch

Sterile Surgical Non-woven Pain Relief Patch

product description the product picture is as follows:
Product description

  product description   


Product name

Sterile patches


6*7cm;9*10cm;10*10cm;10*15cm;10*25cm; 12cm*25cm;23cm*8cm                                                                 Can be customized according to your demand  

Main structure

Non-woven fabric with medical pressure sensitive adhesive, absorbent pad and insulating paper.

Applicable scope

Sterile patches for surgery, trauma, wounds or lien, intravenous catheter were applied; Can also be used for baby's umbilical cord wound protection.


1. The water puncture non-woven fabric is well ventilated, and the skin is not easily sensitized;

2. The imported non-viscous anti-diversion film makes the dressing and the wound not adhesion, easy to be removed when replaced, and no secondary mechanical damage is caused;

3. Low-sensitivity medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, with good initial adhesion, adhesion and heavy adhesion, peeling soft and painless, not easy to be warped and pasted for a long time;

4. Composite PU membrane water spiny non-woven dressings are waterproof and resistant to bacteria.


1. Clean and disinfect the wound site;

2. Remove the bottom paper from the non-woven cloth dressing and paste the dressing in the wound area;

3. Please use it under the guidance of a professional medical staff if there is a complex wound;


1. When removing the skin, please follow the direction of the hair to avoid pulling the skin;

2. The non-woven fabric dressing is not waterproof (except for the water-sticking non-woven fabric of the composite PU film), please replace the dressing immediately after the water, so as to avoid the wound infection;

3. Internal packaging is broken, and it is strictly prohibited;

4. This product shall be used for one time and shall not be reused;


the  product picture is as follows:





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