Disposable Sterile Urine Catheterization Set

Disposable Sterile Urine Catheterization Set

Disposable sterile urine catheterization set includes urethral catheter, lubrication jelly, BZK, dental bib, urine bag, a pair of gloves
Product description

Features and Benefits

1. Disposable sterile urine catheterization set includes urethral catheter, lubrication jelly, BZK, dental bib, urine bag, a pair of gloves

2.plastic packaging. Sterile

3.according to customer needs, all kinds of trays have different parts


1.Please check the package before use

2.Do not use if package is damaged or open

3.Use this according to the conventional catheterization program settings

4.Fill balloons with sterile water

1) Sterilized by ETO
2) Designed for single use
3) Restricted for use by medical staff


Quick Details

Brand Name: ZS

Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)

Manufacture: Yes

Material: PVC

Size: Can be customized /Orered

OEM service: OK

Provide samples: Yes

Disposable use: Yes

Quality guarantee period: 2 year

Agent: Welcome to you

Product Description

wholesale medical hospital disposable Urethral Catheter Tray manufacture OEM


Disposable sterile urine catheterization set




1. Tray

2. Kidney Tray

3. Latex Gloves (size 7.5)

4. Urine Catheter (size16 With Guide wire )

5. Test Tube

6. Beak Tweezers

7. Iodoform Cotton Ball (6/bag&10/bag)

8. Round Mouth Tweezers

9. Injector (20ml water injection )

10. Gauze Pieces (6cm*8cm*8ply)

11. Lubricant

12. Drainage Bag (1000ML thick pipe)

13.Wrapping Sheet (50cm*70cm)

14. Take-up Strap

15. Small Tray

16. Iodoform Cotton Ball

17. Examination Gloves(Medium Size)

18. Drape (50cm*60cm )


Disposable, effective, sterile


CE/ ISO certification


1pcs/bag, 50~100pcs/carton or customized


3,000 pcs


1. Drainage-surgery (preoperative and postoperative); urinary retention (acute and chronic); emergency urinary management (as in the ICU).

2. Check the residual urine volume; bladder function test.

3. Instill the drug; rinse.

4. Refractory urinary incontinence.

Packaging & Shipping



Load Container at: Qingdao or tianjin or shanghai port;

Provide shipping method: courier service;air freight; sea transport;

Accept order: Full Container Cargo Load; Less Container Load;

Provide service: EXW; FOB; Door to Door( Small package );



Contraindications and precautions during the use of catheterization

1. Please use this product after your doctor's prescription. Please read the instructions before use.

2. This product should be carried out in accordance with the aseptic operation technical specifications during the operation.

3. The use of catheterization and catheterization should be performed by professionally trained medical personnel.

4. When inserting the catheter, the patient should be kept in the correct position, and the intubation movement is gentle to avoid damage to the urethral mucosa. For female patients, if the catheter is mistakenly inserted into the vagina, the tube should be re-inserted. When inserting a catheter into a male patient, the penis should be at an angle of 60 degrees to the abdominal wall.

5. People with urinary tract disease and rubber allergy should use it carefully!

6. In the process of using this product, if you find allergic symptoms such as itching, redness of the skin, urticaria, edema, etc., stop using it immediately and ask your doctor for disposal.

7. This product is an ethylene oxide sterilization product. The product is valid for two years.

8. This product is for one-time use only. Please see the product packaging for the expiration date.

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