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What Is The Characteristic Of Medical Polymer Splint
Dec 01, 2017

1.High hardness

As we all know, good quality medical polymer splints need to rely on relatively high hardness to fix. After the test, the solidified polymer splint hardness is dozens of times times the traditional gypsum, by special glass fiber, polyester fiber base, polyurethane rubber coated with non-woven fabric combination of a new type of splint, because of its particular material has this basic characteristics, to ensure that the medical polymer splint has a reliable and firm fixed role.

2.Less fixed Timber

Usually, after the fracture to the hospital when the doctor will be cast plaster. However, gypsum material is very easy to disconnect, the structure of dense air permeability is relatively poor, more important is the high load, which causes the use of more trouble. Especially in the fixed time, large tracts of gypsum as a fixed material for the patient's blood to follow the bad effects of a relatively bad. The new evaluation of high polymer splint can solve this problem, with fewer characteristics of fixed timber to make the affected small load, for the fixed function of the exercise to reduce the burden, conducive to blood circulation, promote healing.

3.Light weight

Weight is the basic property of things, directly affect its function. With the continuous development of polymer materials, it has a small density, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance in the medical polymer splint has been well demonstrated.

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