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Warm Paste Function Description
Dec 01, 2017

Warm paste the first big function-warm function

Ambient temperature is the main factor that affects the heat balance of human body. When the temperature is less than 15°c, the weather is relatively cold, the body and the outside heat exchange to the main body loss of heat. As long as the body loses heat will feel cold, if the temperature is higher than 19 ℃, the body does not need to wear too much clothing to keep warm, if less than 15 ℃, must rely on clothing to keep warm, this will affect people's external decorative appearance and the convenience and comfort of activities. At this time people if the use of warm stickers, can compensate for the body heat, make the human body feel comfortable, green people use warm stickers, clothing can freely choose to reflect their beautiful figure. Many old people are afraid of winter, especially those with rheumatism, asthma and other respiratory diseases with a warm paste can be relaxed after the winter.

Warm paste second function-Physiotherapy health care function

Ancestors in ancient times have learned to use Bian stone hot compress treatment of physical diseases. And in the first "Huangdi Nei Jing" a book, it formed a complete system. Chinese Traditional medicine thought: Meridian is the human body to run the path of Qi and blood, stimulating the adaptation of acupoints, you can adjust the meridians to exert the function of regulating viscera and QI, and stimulate the body's disease resistance ability, in order to achieve the purpose of disease prevention. When the warm stick clings to the affected area, the heat travels to the body, after 5 minutes, the local skin blood vessels dilate, hyperemia, accelerates the blood circulation, promotes the local metabolism, thus achieves the physical treatment and the pain relief goal. For scapulohumeral periarthritis, leg pain, joint pain, old Han, sciatica, soft tissue injury, stomach cold, abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese medicine hot compress, can achieve dredging meridians, promote blood circulation role. The unique heat relieving process can achieve the function of eliminating fatigue. Safe and reliable, applicable to anyone. can also cooperate with some traditional Chinese medicine package common hot compress. Hot to medicine, quickly play a therapeutic role, the effect is remarkable. Drug penetration and thermal action time synchronization, medicine by thermal, heat-assisted drug, with drug therapy and hyperthermia dual function.

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