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The Principle Of The Reaction Of The Steam Eye
Dec 01, 2017
The reaction principle of the steam eye is the reaction principle of rapid oxidation of carbonyl iron powder and oxygen in air after contact. In order to keep the temperature longer and more constant, the product uses a very precise breathable membrane. Because the product can not react before use, so the bag material should be very special, kop+ printing layer +pe composite. In use, remove the outer bag, so that the product exposure in the air 30 seconds after the oxygen in the air through the micro-breathable membrane into the inside. The time and temperature of the released Heat are controlled by the oxygen permeation rate of the breathable membrane. If the oxygen is too fast, with too much heat, it is very likely to burn the skin. If the oxygen is too slow, the temperature is too low. After use, the black-brown solid, which contains carbon powder, solid (this is edible salt), solid and magnesium-containing aluminum salts.

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