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The Difference Between A Steam Eye Patch And A Modified Eye Patch Directly Through A Warm Stick
Dec 01, 2017

In addition to the presence of a steam patch on the market, there is also a modified patch of warm patches, the appearance of the eye with the same as the steam goggles, and even some "steam", but with the steam patch is still very different, should pay attention to the difference.

Process formula: The General steam eye is strictly according to a certain proportion, in the raw material proportioning design determines how much iron powder, toner, water and other substances in the internal materials, the amount is accurate fixed. and directly by the thermal paste improved patch, its formula is mainly the formula of thermal paste, if it is "steam" blindfold, it is in the original formula based on the direct addition of a certain amount of water, the design itself is unreasonable.

Purity of raw materials: the purity of the inner material of the steam eye is generally above the pure chemistry, such calorific value, heating time, heating stability and so on are guaranteed, and the thermal paste improvement of the internal material used in the eye is generally not up to this requirement, will result in insufficient heat, short heating time, a series of problems such as fever stability, At the same time, steam and steam temperature can not be controlled.

Safety: Steam goggles As mentioned above, its steam, steam temperature, heating time, etc. are strict requirements. For the general thermal patch to improve the blindfold, these can not be guaranteed, so that the possibility of steam temperature has been too high or suddenly high phenomenon, due to eye sensitivity, easy to cause burns. In addition, due to the thermal paste improved patch thickness and area are larger, there is also the danger of internal material leakage may be.

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