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Shading Goggles
Dec 01, 2017

The main role of shading goggles is to block the light, to eliminate interference, to create a suitable environment for sleep, more suitable for daytime and outdoor use, such as noon break, fly, car. However, it must be noted that the use in a safe environment, or because of the failure to respond to the risk factors in a timely manner, resulting in a dangerous occurrence.

The choice of blindfold also has exquisite, the best choice natural, soft cotton product, the most comfortable is the super soft flannel's blindfold. And the best shade is dark, to play a role in avoiding light. Secondly, the blindfold is worn, must be elastic and suitable, and breathable. Too easy to fall in sleep, so that the eyes stimulated by light, too tight and easy to oppress the nerves around the eyeball, affecting blood circulation. Modern people due to a variety of causes of irregular life, night sleep is not enough, daytime and no light sleep environment, resulting in daytime listless, inefficient, long-term so easy to cause the biological clock handicraft, endocrine disorders, seriously affect the health of the body. City evenings are filled with lights and noises that can cause nighttime sleep deprivation and need to be replenished during the day. Eye patches provide a light sleep environment for daytime sleepers.

In the western countries, the blindfold has been in the market more than 10 years ago, become a lot of people with night insomnia essential supplies.

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