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Methods Of Using And Removing Macromolecule Bandage
Dec 01, 2017

The polymer bandage is made of a mixture of fiber cloth and polyurethane resin. Suitable for orthopedic and fracture external fixation. Compared with the traditional gypsum bandage its advantage is obvious, now gradually become the first choice of major hospitals, the bandage is divided into two kinds, fiberglass bandage and polyester bandage.

1, the position fixed, cotton cushion lining;

2, after the bandage Kaifeng, immersed in room temperature 20℃~25℃ water for about 4-8 seconds;

3, forced to throw out the remaining water, must use a roll to open up a roll to prevent early disassembly hardening;

4, spiral winding, 1/3 or 1/2 overlapping 6-9 layers;

5, tighten the winding, strengthen the cohesion between the layers, but not too tight, so as not to affect the blood circulation, 8-15 minutes to start curing;

6, after bandaging outside the bandage press the kneading layer and the layer fully bonding;

7, bandage after dressing damp can be blown dry hair dryer;

It can be removed by scalpel, electric plaster saws and other tools.

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