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Introduction Of Polymer Bandage Development
Dec 01, 2017

What is a polymer bandage?

The polymer bandage is made of a mixture of fiber cloth and polyurethane resin. Usually, the fracture will be cast in plaster. Because the gypsum is easy to break, the permeability is poor, the load is high, the use trouble and so on shortcoming, gradually is eliminated. With the use of foreign medical devices and the introduction of advanced medical manufacturing technology in foreign countries, polymer bandages and polymer splints have been created. The polymer bandage is mainly used to replace the traditional gypsum, usually used for external fixation after fracture, is the most advanced material in the field of orthopedic external fixation at present.

II. Development of external fixation materials for orthopaedics

First generation: Plaster bandage

Second generation: Resin bandage

Third generation: western Minister Bonnie Polymer Bandage

Third, the shortcomings of gypsum splint: high load, not breathable, easy to cause skin tightness itching. Hardness is not enough, easy to break, operation is not hygienic.

IV. The disadvantage of resin bandage: it must be heated to 65 ℃ to make it plastic; summer meets high temperature easy to soften, hardness is not enough.

V. Advantages of the high molecular bandage of the western Minister Bonnie:

1, high strength: hardness is the traditional gypsum bandage 20 times times

2, light weight: light material, fixed with less material, equivalent to gypsum weight of 1/5, thickness of 1/3, to reduce the burden of the affected

3, Hardening fast: Open packaging after 3-5 minutes to start hardening, 20 minutes can be load-bearing, gypsum bandage to 24 hours to fully harden

4, good air permeability: unique mesh-making technology with good ventilation, to prevent the occurrence of hot and humid skin, itching and other problems

5, through X-ray: The radiation has excellent permeability, X-ray effect map clear, gypsum bandages to be demolished to film

6, Waterproof: Hardening molding close, water absorption rate than traditional gypsum bandage less than 85%, can wear a bandage bath

7, easy to operate: simple operation, short time, good plasticity

8, comfortable and safe: for doctors, simple and practical operation, the patient will not produce bandages dry skin tightness, itching and other symptoms of discomfort

9, non-polluting: Used products can be fully burned, material incineration does not produce any pollutants

10, convenient demolition: The use of electric gypsum saw demolition safe and convenient

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