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Hot Post Use Method
Dec 01, 2017

• Open the outer packing bag and remove the product before use.

• Please peel off the sticker without rubbing it on the outer side of the underwear, shirt or inside of the coat. (Avoid direct contact with skin)

Please tear it slowly after use.

Precautions for prevention of hypothermia burns

• Low-temperature Scald: Temperature above the body temperature of the heat objects long contact with the human body can cause erythema, blisters and other symptoms, please feel free to pay attention.

• Do not attach directly to the skin.

• Do not use during sleep.

• Please do not use the bedding, warm table and heater near the radiator.

• Avoid prolonged use in the same location, if you feel the exception, please remove it immediately.

• Please do not use under bandages or other oppressed situations.

• Children and patients who are not sensitive to temperature changes (sensitive skin, diabetics), please pay special attention to use.

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