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Basic Introduction Of Wound Dressings
Dec 01, 2017

Main Ingredient

The water-soluble polymer material is a matrix skeleton, which is rich in 60% water, and the effect of cold compress can be achieved through the physical effect of menthol and other effective components. Can reduce joint tissue damage, eliminate swelling pain and reduce inflammation of the concurrency.

Product Description

The inner layer (wound contact surface) is the polyurethane hydrogel, the outer layer is the medical non-woven cloth, the water gel inside is surrounded by the medical pressure-sensitive adhesive, is easy to paste the dressing on the wound place. When the product is removed from the human body, there is no residual viscous substance on the skin, and the inner layer of translucent hydrogel is clean and free of odor; the ph value of the extract is within the 5.0~7.0 range, the water content is greater than 60%, the saturated water absorption rate is greater than 60%

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