Fiberglass Casting Splint

Fiberglass Casting Splint

The fiberglass casting splint consists of fiber cloth and polyurethane.
Product description

product description

The fiberglass casting splint consists of fiber cloth and polyurethane.

1) High strength: 20 times the hardness of traditional plaster bandages

2) Light weight: light material, less fixed material, equivalent to 1/5 of the weight of gypsum, 1/3 of the thickness, reducing the load on the affected area

3) The curing time of the product can be up to 30 minutes.

4) Good air permeability: the unique mesh preparation technology has good air permeability to prevent skin heat, itching and other problems.

5) X-ray transmission: excellent permeability to radiation, clear X-ray effect, and gypsum bandage to be disassembled

6) Water resistance: hardened and formed tightly, the water absorption rate is 85% less than that of traditional plaster bandages, and can be worn with a bandage.

7) Easy to operate: simple operation, short time, good plasticity

8) Comfort and safety: for the doctor, the operation is simple and practical; for the patient, the bandage will not dry, and the skin will be tight, itchy and other symptoms.

9) No pollution: The used products can be fully burned, and the material incineration does not produce any pollutants.

10) Convenient for removal: safe and convenient to remove by electric plaster saw


Quick Details

  • Properties:Medical Polymer Materials & Products

  • Type:General Medical Supplies

  • Brand Name:OEM Brand

  • Model Number:OEM

  • Product name:fiberglass casting splint

  • Material:fiberglass or polyester

  • Color:White ;red ;green and blue

  • Certificate:CE/ISO13485/FDA

  • Application:Clinic and hospital

  • Feature:Durable

  • Packing:Individual Pack

  • Price:factory price

  • Delivery:wiithin 10--20 days

  • Sample:free paid

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details10 bag or 20 bag *6 box in one carton or as customer's request
Delivery Timewithin  10-- 20 days

Rapid ossification orthopedic fiberglass casting splint 


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