Quality identification of polymer splint
Dec 01, 2017

1. Comfort and safety: high-quality polymer bandage splint after drying shrinkage small, breathable good, will not produce skin tightness, itching discomfort, will not let the skin burn pain feeling.

2. Hardening Speed: High quality polymer splint hardening process, in the open packaging after 3-5 minutes to start hardening, 20 minutes or so can be load-bearing, if hardening time is too long, the quality of the problem.

3. X-ray: high-quality Polymer Bandage Splint has a good X-ray, radiation has excellent permeability, X-ray effect map clear.

4. Good waterproof: high-quality polymer bandage splint has good waterproof performance, hardening molding close, water absorption rate than traditional gypsum bandage less than 85%, can wear a bandage bath, even if the limb contact water environment, can effectively guarantee the department of Dry.

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