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Dec 01, 2017

This product once Kaifeng, can automatically heat, do not need to rub, do not have to shake hard.

• Do not use clothing that is susceptible to adhesive damage (filament longer garments, etc.) or advanced clothing.

• Do not use in the shoe or sole (plantar).

Please tear off this product when the temperature is not felt.

• After use or want to tear down the heavy paste, do not pull the non-woven fabric part, from the part of the adhesive is slowly torn off.

• This product is for external use, do not enter the entrance, when swallowed accidentally, please rinse immediately and seek medical treatment.

• Skin redness, itching, pain and other scald symptoms, please stop using immediately and accept the doctor's diagnosis and treatment.

• Do not use this product for other purposes, please treat it as nonflammable waste.

• This product is only suitable for human body.

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