Invention and use of syringes
Dec 01, 2017

As early as 15th century, the Italian people Catinelle the principle of the syringe. But it was not until 1657 that British Boyle and Ryan did their first human trials. The surgeon Abel of the Army, King Louis 16 (1774-1792), had also conceived a piston-type syringe. But it is generally believed that the French Plavoze is the inventor of the syringe. His syringe, produced in 1853, was made of silver, with a capacity of only 1 ml, with a threaded piston rod.

The Englishman Ferguson first used a glass syringe. Glass transparency is good, you can see the situation of injecting drugs. Since then there is a glass tube of metal and made of syringes, can be boiled disinfection, needles may also be sharpened to use and disinfection. The syringe is now made of plastic, which is thrown away once, greatly reducing the risk of infection during injection. In order to ensure hygiene and prevent cross-infection, modern syringes use plastic texture.

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