How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of high molecular bandage splint
Dec 01, 2017

1, comfort and security: Yangzhou Jingyi Medical polymer bandage after drying shrinkage small, will not produce gypsum bandage after dry skin tightness, itching discomfort, there will be no gypsum in the hardening process, water absorption recrystallization when there is a heat reaction, so that patients with skin burns discomfort.

2, good air permeability: Yangzhou Jingyi Medical polymer bandage used a high-quality raw yarn, unique mesh preparation technology, with good air permeability, conducive to skin ventilation, to solve the gypsum bandage tube-type dressing caused by skin hot, itching and so on.

3, Hardening Speed: Yangzhou Jingyi Medical Polymer bandage hardening process, in the open packaging after 3-5 minutes to start hardening, 20 minutes can be loaded, and gypsum bandage takes about 24 hours to fully harden the load.

4, high hardness, light weight: After the test, cured Yangzhou Jingyi Medical polymer bandage hardness is 20 times times the traditional gypsum, the weight is equivalent to 1/5 of gypsum, thickness is equivalent to 1/3 of gypsum, not only to ensure the fixed role after limb reduction, but also to make the affected part of the small load, conducive to blood circulation and wound healing. The same part of the fixed, polymer bandage materials than gypsum to save at least 1/3. such as the forearm tube type, gypsum bandage dosage 3 volume, Polymer bandage dosage 1 volume. The lower extremity tube type, gypsum bandage dosage 25 rolls, the polymer bandage dosage 5 rolls.

5, excellent X-ray transmission: Yangzhou Jingyi Medical polymer bandage for radiation permeability is excellent, X-ray effect is clear, in favor of doctors in the treatment process, at any time to understand the healing of limbs. And the transmission of gypsum is relatively poor, sometimes only after the removal of fixed, can clearly understand the healing situation. This avoids the need for a two-time reinstall of the healing standard that is sometimes found after the plaster is removed by the X-ray examination.

6, good waterproof: Yangzhou Jingyi Medical polymer bandage after hardening, the surface is smooth, the absorption rate of water than gypsum and general glass fiber made of bandages and splint low 85%, even if the limb contact water environment, can effectively ensure that the Department of Dry. Also not afraid of two times soaking, can wear bandages for bathing and spa.

7, easy to operate, flexible, good shape: Yangzhou Jingyi Medical polymer bandage only at room temperature water squeeze 2-3 times can be used, the operation is very convenient. If the fixed part has the skin injury or the operation time is long, does not soak first, directly carries on the fixed, after fixed, may spray the water in the outer layer to quicken the hardening speed. Good plastic, bending and tensile strength, can be bent at will, can be made into tubular, supporting or splint.

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