A simple explanation of the principle of warm sticking
Dec 01, 2017
In addition to the safety of packaging materials in the packaging of heating materials, and ensure that in the normal use will not break the bag, the other most important function is through the size of the surface of the pore to determine the amount of ventilation to control the heating bag heating speed, maximum temperature, retention time and so on. The inner bag of the warm paste is a kind of breathable film deposited on the Non-woven fabric, which takes PE as the carrier and makes the breathable membrane form a unique micropore structure through special process. These special structures, which are distributed on the surface of the film, can breathe like skin. In order to make the heating bag in the bag of heating materials and two of the inner bag can be flat evenly adsorbed together. form a complete warm patch. The permeability uniformity of the breathable membrane determines the stability of the heating temperature and retention time of the product.

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