Factory Distributor Silicone Gel Patches

Factory Distributor Silicone Gel Patches

Properties:Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland) Brand Name:OEM, cosmetics Model Number:15*3cm;8*3cm;12*8cm;15*12cm;20*3cm Type:silicone gel Branded:Silicone pad Branded products:restore skin care:regeneration repair:MSDS cosmetics:test skin care products:Scar Silicone:Beauty products Silicone patch:Beauty
Product description

                                          Factory Distributor Silicone Scar Patch

Scar formation mechanism:

Skin is an important barrier for the human body. All kinds of operations, traumas, 

burns and dermatitis will all lead to skin damage and breakage. During the skin wound 

healing process, the body will release a protein called collagen for wound repair. 

When the skin damage comes to a certain extent, collagen synthesis and metabolism will be 

out of normal control but in hyperactively excessive collagen exudation instead, resulting 

in excessive proliferation of collagen fibers and thus forming a scar on the wound healing 

part. The scar extrudes from the normal skin in irregular shape and by form of red and hard 

benigh lumps and even with contracture, itching or pain. In case excessive growth, the scar 

might affect the appearance or lead to dysfunction or even cancer. 

Structure of the Silica Gel Scar Therapy Patch

CareLife Silica Gel Scar Therapy Patch is a kind of biomimetic patch made of organosilicon 

with biological activity under the TTS technology. By means of molecular multiplexing technology, 

the patch multiplexes the heterogeneous collagen molecules with netted organic silicon, 

combined with collagen repair factor, to get the three-layer structure similar to the dermis, 

epidermis and stratum corneum of the skin, so as to slow down the collagen fiber hyperplasia 

and hydrate and decompose the irregular collagen fibers. Through the trilogy of softening, 

restoring and regeneration", it can awaken the memory of the skin to fully repair various 

scar tissues.

How Does the Silica Gel Scar Therapy Patch Remove Scars?

Silica gel can directly act on the scar surface. As a semi-permeable membrane, it can partly 

restrict the water permeability on the scar surface and promote the moisture accumulation 

under the scar epidermics, resulting in hydration. Studies have shown that using the silica 

gel patch can greatly reduce the number of the positive cells of the fibroblast1 growth factor 

(TGF 1), which indicates that the silica gel patch acts on scars possibly by adjusting the 

relationship between cell factors and fibroblasts. Experiments show that the silicone oil 

slowly released from the silica gel membrane can inhibit the strengthening of the fibroblasts 

inside the scar tissue, thereby inhibiting the formation of hypertrophic scars.

Through the trilogy of softening, restoring and regeneration", it can awaken the memory 

of the skin to fully repair various scar tissues.

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