Relief Pain Heating Patches

Relief Pain Heating Patches

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Product description

Distributor factory supply heating patches


1.Product Introduction of the relief pain heating patches 

1)It can relieve the pain of arthritis,scapulohumeral per arthritis,waist and leg pain,rheumatism,Rheumatoid,Coolness of extremities,and all kinds of pain which was caused by cold.

2)Expel pathogenic cold and keep warm,promoting the microcirculation of your body,have a very

good effect with cold injury,bone injury,muscle injury.It can relieve pain and detumescence.

3)Promoting the good work of the energy channel,when use on the interrelated acupuncture point,can heal the stomach cold,help adjusting menses into good situation.

4)When you want to wear thin clothes to show your slender body in cold weather,it can keep warm


2.Product Description


Great results on pain relief and dampness dispelling 
Top quality natural materials with Long lasting heating remedy 
Private label available along with unique customized patch 

Prime kampo physiotherapy pain relief warm patch is formulated with extracts of Araliaceae, Tinospora sinensis Merr, Curtuligo Copitullata, Gastrodia elata Blume, Radix Clematidis, Cervus Nippon Temminck, Millettia dielsiana, Amur Corktree Bark, Angelica sinensis from xishuangbanna, the birthplace of Dai Medicine. By use of the our unique extraction & Transdermal technology, this patch successfully integrate the medication with physical therapy and bring with more then 10 hours self-heating under temperature of 30-65 degrees, which could effectively dispel rheuma, warn up body and womb, cure hyperosteogeny and ease all kinds of pains. 


3.Product Parameter(Specification)



 heating patches 



1.high air permeability,2easy apply ,easy removed

3.continuely give out  steady  heat




4.Production Detailed 

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