Best Selling Detox Foot Pad

Best Selling Detox Foot Pad

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Chinese popular and best selling detox foot patch



Foot patch detox Top quality OEM bamboo vinegar foot patch goldrelax foot pads

Main Ingredients: Bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar, loquat leaf, tourmaline, Brazil mushroom, 

                  chitin, heartleaf houttuynia herb, dextrin, vitamin C, etc.

Suitable For: Beauty people, microcirculation disorder people, white-collars, 

              middle-aged and elderly people, subhealth people, etc.

Factory:Daily production 



1. Use after bathing or cleaning foot before sleep. Tear open the pouch, take out the 

   powder bag, hold the side have obvious small pores upside, and paste it down to the adhesive tape.

2. Paste the whole patch on the foot(small pores, no letters side attach to skin).

3. After 8-10 hours usage, take off the foot patch which absorbed toxins. And clean 

   foot with warm and wet towel/tissue


Health Care Function: Enhance metabolism, relieve fatigue, strengthen immunity and blood 

circulation, improve sleep quality, eliminate constipation, bad breath and abdominal distention 

phenomenon, activate cells, expel body dampness, relieve pressure on foot and joint parts, etc



1. Foot detoxification

2. Dispel wind and dampness

3. Improve sleep

4. Relieve fatigue


Service: We support OEM and ODM 


Our Service:

OEM Services are welcomed.


Change product formular:  yes;accpeted !

Change product size&shape:  yes;accpeted !

Change product package(inner bag, outer bag, box, carton, etc): yes accpeted!


Good After-Sale Service

1.Once you received the products, please let us know your idea about the products, packaging and service.

2.The products with problems could be replaced with ratio 1:1

3.Any problems will be answered within 24hours

4.If you need us to improve the service, please feel free to contact us or email us.

5.If you think highly of our products, please introduce our store to your family and 

your friends.

Free Samples

It would be our great honor to send you some free samples for quality test.

But you shall pay few shipping cost dear.


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