Color Foot Patch/pads

Color Foot Patch/pads

Properties: Rehabilitation Therapy Supplies Place of Origin: Shanxian, China (Mainland) Brand Name: ZS foot patch/pads Model Number: foot patch-10 Type: health and medical Patch net weight: 5 g Carton size: 60*42*42cm
Product description

                               Color Foot Pads


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The main ingredient of detox foot patch is the bamboo vinegar powder, which was distilled by bamboo vinegar liquid by using modern high technology. The detox foot patch can dispelling toxins,clear odour, Bamboo vinegar extract’s cell is tiny, it has high penetration,can remove dirty things and toxin deeply in human body.



Product Uses

 1. Remove the large piece of backing from the adhesive sheet.

 2. Place the foot pad onto the central of the adhesive sheet. The writing on the foot pad must face down onto t     he sticky surface, so that the mesh surface will be in contact with your skin.

 3. Position a patch on the sole of your foot.

 Remove remaining strips of backing from the adhesive sheet and smooth the sheet down for greater adhesion

 4. Remain the foot patch on your foot for 8-12 hours.

 5. Recommended use at bed time ,it would be more convenient.





1. Detox foot patch, used 100% natural herbs. When you apply the detox foot patch onto the acupuncture points which on the sole of foot, it will speed up the moves of the intestinal, enhance the metabolism, dispel the toxin and moisture which were stored in your body.

2. The dotox foot patch absorb toxins and waste oil out from the vola, after using one night, you can see the foot patch changed into brown or black color. You can see the black oily toxins by your eyes!

3. Improve sleeping quality, relieve fatigue, help solve astriction problem, help solve halitosis, keep fit and slim.

4. Remove toxin, purify blood, clear body odour and foot odour.

5. Dispel internal moisture, relive stress on the foot and joint.

6. Replenish vital essence, activate cells, lighten your skin, and slow the aging process.



Packaging & Shipping

1.Bulk need to repack goods after receiving them.

We provide sample packing.100 foot patch into one clear bag,100 adhesive into one clear

 bag.then 3000 foot patch+ 3000 adhesive into one carton(60x42x42cm.)

2. two patches+ two adhesive into one aluminized bag.five bags(10 patches) into 

one box(12x17x3.8cm).100 boxes into one carton(60x42x42cm).


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