Oem Cooling Gel Patch

Oem Cooling Gel Patch

cooling gel patch Specification: Size: 5*12,------ ( 4*11cm, 7*10cm, 10*14cm, and others can be customized) Color: Blue, Smell: Peppermint, HS Code: 3005109000 Ingredient: Menthol It is an OTC medical product for reducing the fever. It is peppermint flavor hydrogel - which is a macromolecule...
Product description

cooling gel patch


     Size: 5*12,------ ( 4*11cm, 7*10cm, 10*14cm, and others can be customized)

    Color: Blue,

    Smell: Peppermint,

HS Code: 3005109000

Ingredient: Menthol

It is an OTC medical product for reducing the fever. 

It is peppermint flavor hydrogel - which is a macromolecule water-absorbent resin - physical cooling.

Topical cooling effect. 


1. We only use the most effective raw material especially menthol from trustworthy suppliers. 

    The cooling effect is mild, effective, and long-lasting for up to 10 hours. 

    It is safe for baby's sensitive skins and makes them comfortable and happy during have fever. 

2. We have developed the efficient ingredient, ensure the good adhesive power and remains no residue on the skin. 

3. The cooling effect is fast, will drop the body temperature down to 1-2 Celsius Degrees in 30 minutes. 

4. We are the direct manufacturer with 3 factories, ensure the most competitive price and delivery time. 

Product Usages

1. For local body surface cooling when you have a fever or staying in high temperature environment.

2. For attention improving when you need to concentrate on studying, working or gaming.
3. For mind refreshing when you are having a long time reading, working, driving, game watching or

4. For temporary relief of headache, toothache and muscle pain. 

How Does It Work

1. Cooling Gel Sheet is one of hydrogel product, made of macromolecule absorbent resin, contains plenty

    of water, can decrease the local body temperature and absorb the body surface heat through

    evaporation. The heat reducing is very quick, long-lasting, comfortable and safe without side effect. 

2. Cooling Gel Sheet contains natural plant extract (Menthol), which can be well penetrated into the skin,

    enhancing the effect of cooling, refreshing the mind, temporary reliving the pain. As product contains

    no medicine, physical cooling therapy is perfectly safe to be used for babies,children,adults,and elders.

3. Doctor recommended to be used for cold therapy and pain relief.

Good Product Quality

1. Super adhensive power

2. Super cooling effect

3. Long lasting up to 8 hours

4. Safe for baby as 100% natrual plant ingredient


1.Open the resealable laminate bag by carefully cutting or tearing it where indicated along the top edge

2. Remove one piece of Cool Patch. 
3. Remove and discard the transparent film from the back of the strip.

4. After ensuring the skin on application site is dry(Clean the relative body part before using), place the Cool Patch on the forehead, back of the neck or over the temples.

5. Use each Cool Patch for as long as needed but use only once.

6. Works without refrigeration. You can also use them with medicines.


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