FDA ISO CE Cooling Gel Patch Fever Cooling Patch

FDA ISO CE Cooling Gel Patch Fever Cooling Patch

This product is based on the principle of percutaneous absorption, made of polymer hydrogel that contains ingredients which extracted from natural plant, has antipyretic analgesic effect , is the best choice for children and adults who is in fever. It contains pure natural plant ingredients, is health care patches, belongs in physical cooling patch, is not drug-induced cooling. The cooling effect will last for 8 hours in general. And according to the individual constitution is different, the effect will also be different.
Product description

Specification: 40mmX110mm 、50mmX120mm

Product description:

Mainly by menthol, hydroxy benzoic acid, water, polymer material, nonwoven fabric, this is mainly used for local physical cooling of fever patients. It is used for acute, chronic fever, headache, toothache, sprain and local cooling after exposure. 

Make use: 

1 tearing the packing bag along the gap and taking out the bag. Patch, open the transparent glue film, directly apply the gel surface to the forehead or temples, or apply to the neck of the great vertebra. 

2 in order to speed up the cooling rate, we can add a number of stickers to the left and right common carotid arteries and the right femoral arteries. 

3. patients with toothache can attach the antipyretic paste to the toothache. 

4 1-3 times a day, 8-12 hours per sticker 

Attention points:

1. do not stick to the wound, sensitive skin, near eyes and mouth position. 

2 in order to keep the effect and hygiene, do not reuse newborn babies. 

3. Children should be used under the guidance and supervision of adults. 

4 keep away from children and prevent children from misusing and eating 

5. If there is any discomfort or redness in their skin, they will disappear after stopping. 

6 do not stick to the hair, eyebrows and sweat places, so as not to fall off the products as physical products. 

7. If the fever persists, doctors should be treated. 

Store: Keep cool and dark place. 

Storage conditions:

This product should be stored in the relative humidity of not more than 80%, non-corrosive gas, cool, dry, good ventilation, clean environment.

Validity: two years,

Please read the instruction well carefully for use or purchase and use under the guidance of the doctor.


1.Good water retention, long time to lock water, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the use of polymer-modulated natural gel, more effective lock moisture, moisturizing time longer;

2.Good transparency, no impurities colloid, the use of natural plant extracts, mild odor, colloid clear and transparent, no turbidity, no impurities;

3.No flow glue, no deformation, beautiful appearance, air permeability up to 80% medical grade gauze, special waterproof technology, special soft gel technology, good colloid integrity, no external flow, smooth shape;

4.Good adhesion, good protection, not easy to fall off, the use of imported raw materials, the molecular weight of more than 30 million, belong to the ultra-high molecular weight, from the source to ensure that the viscosity, do not fall off;

5.No stimulation, no harm to eyes and skin, natural plant pigment added, advanced production technology, infant skin and eyes without any stimulating effect, not allergic, not residue;

6.Antipyretic speed, long time, well-known brands of pharmaceutical-grade mint and imported other raw materials, with the unique production process, thereby reducing the speed of fever, more lasting time.   

Comprehensive advantages:

1.Slow release function, lasting 8 hours cooling;

2.Cool and comfortable, reduce irritability, conducive to rest;

3.Easy to use, a patch can be;

4.The effect of cooling and analgesia is fast, safe without side effects, and it does not affect etiological diagnosis.

5.water-based preparation, safe and soft, no stimulation to the skin, avoid drug cross infection;

6.Good water retention.

7.Rapid heat dissipation.

8.Quick local cooling of 3-6 degrees, effectively reduce the

body temperature of 1-2 degrees.

Instructions for use:

1.When the Fever: affixed to the forehead, armpit, neck, abdomen ditch area and other parts;

2.When you are tired:put it on your forehead or temples and take several deep breaths;

3.Sprain: Immediately affixed to the sprain or swelling pain site;

4.Headache: affixed to the forehead or temple and micro-closed eyes rest;

5.Sunburn, Scald : affixed to sunburn caused by the skin burning place;

6.Toothache: Paste on cheeks or sore spots;

Other functions of the product:

Reduce pain-headaches, toothache, mumps, and so on; local cold compress to relieve pain, prevent dizzy temperature, skin burning after exposure, such as physical temperature, Carsick, seasickness prevention, and adjuvant treatment of vasculitis, no wound burns place emergency cooling;

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