2018 Cooling Gel Patch Reduce Fever

Specification: 40mmX110mm Product description: mainly by menthol, hydroxy benzoic acid, water, polymer material, nonwoven fabric, this is mainly used for local physical cooling of fever patients. It is used for acute, chronic fever, headache, toothache, sprain and local cooling after exposure. Make use: 1 tearing the packing bag along the gap and taking out the bag. Patch, open the transparent glue film, directly apply the gel surface to the forehead or temples, or apply to the neck of the great vertebra. 2 in order to speed up the cooling rate, we can add a number of stickers to the left and right common carotid arteries and the right femoral arteries. 3. patients with toothache can attach the antipyretic paste to the toothache. 4 1-3 times a day, 8-12 hours per sticker Attention points: 1. do not stick to the wound, sensitive skin, near eyes and mouth position. 2 in order to keep the effect and hygiene, do not reuse newborn babies. 3. Children should be used under the guidance and supervision of adults. 4 keep away from children and prevent children from misusing and eating 5. If there is any discomfort or redness in their skin, they will disappear after stopping. 6 do not stick to the hair, eyebrows and sweat places, so as not to fall off the products as physical products. 7. If the fever persists, doctors should be treated. Store: Keep cool and dark place. Validity: two years, Please read the instruction well carefully for use or purchase and use under the guidance of the doctor. Our Patent Technology Aseptic production workshop The Office environment FAQ 1. Does your company is a factory or trade company? We have a factory ourself,we are on this business for few years in China,Our factory is very famous in the shandong China,and we have over 10year production experience for Chinese plaster and patch. 2. What is your main products? Our main products contain pain relief patchs,black plaster,band-aid,breathe right nasal strips, hygiene dressings, cosmetic,disinfection products and daily necessities. 3. Can you provide samples?how much for the shipping cost? We can provide 5pcs free sample,but you need pay the freight fee.you can receive the sample about 5-7 days. 4. Can you do OEM for us? Yes,off course.we have done OEM service for many companies in the world,and we can provide the customized logo,package and ingredients for your requirement. 5.How can we be your sole agent,what supports and benefits for us if we agent to sell your products? If you are our sole agent,we will provide the full sets of documents for your registration. we can prepare free trial samples to support your market promotion.we also can provide display box, display shelf.Also we will protect your market and your profit. If you finish the requested annual turnover,we will provide you considerable discount free goods in next year. 6.For further information,please contact our enthusiastic sales personnel, We will offer warm-hearted service to you!
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