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Our History

Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. was founded in Dece 2005 ,the group have our own 21 subsidiaries.The registered capital is two hundred and ten million RMB,subsidiaries are mainly located in Tianjin, Ji'nan, Rizhao, Shan xian.Company has a staff of more than 2100 people include R & D technical personnel 52 people(doctor and Master).


Our Factory

Shandong Zhushi Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. is a collection of plaster , medical equipment, cosmetics, health food, drug development production and sales of real estate development, biological reagents, logistics distribution, large-scale integrated enterprise group enterprise training as a whole.

Our company VR website:www.linked-reality.com/company/11205/en#scoScene_1257.


Our Product

Heating patches:far-infrared heating patches;foot detox patches;

                             sandwiched moxibustion heating patches;

                             acupoint patches;moxibustion heating patches;

                             hyperthermia heating patches;prostate heating patches;

                             dynecological heating patches

Medical cooling patches:cooling gel sheet;cold eye mask 


Product Application

Company products are mainly used in the medical patch industry, cosmetics, skin care industry, medical device industry and health care products industry.

Our Certificate

Group company has import and export license, electronic ports and entry-exit inspection and quarantine inspection enterprise approval procedures,and the 13485 certification issued by the British authorities,which has passed CE and FDA certification,Establish quality management system according to ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards,strictly regulate the production process,use CP, MSA, 5S and other management concepts to strengthen the control of product quality.

Group company was named the best innovation brand of Chinese Enterprises、Chinese health industry innovation enterprise,Excellent management of national enterprise、National consumer trustworthy AAA brand enterprises、China integrity brand、China health industry top ten brand、National medical equipment industry , influence integrity brand、Shandong health care industry vice president unit、Shan dong quality integrity AAA grade brand enterprises、Shandong high- tech enterprises、Shandong consumer satisfaction units、Shandong Province intellectual property demonstration enterprise、Shandong province contract and trustworthy unit、Shandong science and technology research project undertaking unit、People's daily director unit、Heze mayor Quality Award,Group company has sixteen invention patents,the utility model patent seventy-six,famous trademark of Shandong Province.




Production Equipment

Automatic bagging machine, automatic lamination machine, automatic packing machine, Germany Heidelberg printing machine, automatic bag making machine, corrugated pipe production equipment, vertical packaging machine, aseptic coating machine etc.

Production Market

The current market is mainly distributed in the China mainland, Europe, Asia Pacific, The Belt and Road countries, from 2015 to 2017 the average annual domestic sales amounted to 100 million yuan, the average annual gross sales in Europe and the United States 1 billion euro, Asia Pacific annual sales amounted to 48 million yuan, The Belt and Road national sales gross area 500 million yuan.

Our service

Pre-sale service/whatsapp number:0086 187 6907 9942;wechat :0086 1555 4099 679

We can  furnish customers with timely and customized services of OEM/ODM.

After-sale service/

For further information,please contact our enthusiastic sales personnel, We will offer 24 hours service to you !

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